Jun 12, 2017 - 12:38

Art Safari 2017

From 7.6.-11.6.2017 I showed several paintings at the International Art Fair "Art Safari 2017" in Bucharest, in a combined exhibition together with the painter Nicole Jutka. The title of the show was “Light penetrates Darkness”. We created an intercultural cross mixture between Romania and Germany since I am a German artist living in Bucharest and she is a Romanian painter living in Germany.

The installation containing fluorescent paintings under black light emphasized the powerful colours of our artworks and gave them a double appearance and meaning. The visitors were challenged to give their contribution to our installation by writing down a message about the meaning of Light, their personal understanding of it.

The semiotics of Light penetrating Darkness was also inspired by the symbolistic of the building that hosted Art Safari 2017. It was the office of the Romanian communistic secret service “Securitate”, the space where were questioned and even tortured politically prosecuted ones. As a contrast to the somber and tenebrous environment, we created an escaping space of hope and light penetrating the darkness.