My professional background is international business management. I studied in Aachen (Germany) and Dublin (Ireland). About twelve years I worked in top management positions for international food retailers, mostly in Italy, France and Romania.

Young and enthusiastic about Art, everywhere I travelled I used to visit all kind of museums and galleries. I was fascinated by many old classical paintings as well as by contemporary artists.

Abstract colorful paintings on canvas are in the center of my work. I am self-taught and I love to experiment with different types of colors, materials and techniques in order to create new genuine Art. I love strong colors and the powerful effects that can be created by applying and combining different techniques.

Relevant for my art is the passion to create something that will be appreciated and enjoyed by the observer as something fresh and delightful.

This webpage marks the start into a new adventure, presenting my Art to a wide audience and keeping you updated with new paintings and pieces of Art, news about me as an Artist and my events and exhibitions. Join me on this trip!